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Hi my name is Teja, and I am an entrepreneur, travel writer, vlogger, and photographer from Dallas. I’ve visited over 30 different countries within the last couple of years and I just can’t wait to board my next flight. Ever since I was a kid, I had an obsession for all things associated with travel whether it be airports, train stations, airplanes, cars, points/miles (of course), and even luggage (yes I really mean that). I am a pretty much a freakishly avid writer and so I write tons of stories, poems, reviews, and basically any kind of text. So feel free to visit my travel blog at and tell me to stop ranting!

As a kid I wasn’t really much of a photographer because my dad was so good at it (and he still is – credit to him for getting me into this hobby). However as time passed on, he became busier with his work life (he's a physician) and handed over the reins to me. I was now in charge of both taking family pictures and planning out all of our travel. I'm not sure my parents are too happy about that decision given that we've flown over 400,000 miles each in the last 3 years alone. 


 I didn't really think much of my photography until I started sharing my pictures on social media a few years ago. Before I knew it people (mostly friends and family) started asking me for copies of my photographs for their walls and wallpapers. This site serves as a one stop shop for people to enjoy my photos and maybe buy a print if they would like to support me in my adventures :) 


Landscapes of the World I                      
Odessa, Texas  


SUMMER 2019 

Landscapes of the World II                     
Hyderabad, India   




National Geographic Editor's Favorite Published in NatGeo Daily Dozen 

Dec 19, 2018

National Geographic Editor's Favorite

Published in NatGeo Daily Dozen 

Sep 26, 2018

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